Our Day at the Sate Fair was Filled with……

rides, rides and more rides. Lily’s favorite was the fun house. Drew’s was the crook of my left arm; he wasn’t feeling the stroller yesterday. Thank God for my mom and sister or else my back would be screaming today.

games and trying to explain to Lily that the guys at the fair don’t want you to win the games. She didn’t get it. Luckily, we found a “pick up ducks” game in the kiddie section that guaranteed a prize. She played twice and won a unicorn and a pink trumpet. The lady who ran the booth gave Drew a tiny dolphin to gnaw on.

milking cows. Lily got to milk Lily the pregnant cow, and she was pretty weirded out over the whole thing. She knew cows give us milk, but she was totally unaware of the entire process of where milk comes from, and when it came time to do the deed, she was grossed out by it. I was too, honestly, and I felt bad for Lily the pregnant cow who had to stand there and let kids tug at her nipples just to get a little relief. They gave Lily a chocolate milk to drink after the fact, and she took one sip and couldn’t get over the weirdness. Then we through it away and wasted a whole carton of milk, so I felt bad about the entire 20 minutes.

eating. Baby Drew had his first pickle and Lily had her millionth pickle. At some point my favorite part of the fair went from riding rides to eating everything in sight. Crab cake sandwich, chocolate covered banana, mini donuts. I’ve been aggressively trying to lose the remainder of my baby weight lately (second kid= way harder than first), and I’ve lost 7 pounds in the last 2 1/2 weeks. BUT I think yesterday I gained it all back. It was kinda worth it.

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