Notice anything a little off about our Memorial Day pictures? Maybe the fact that we’re mostly wearing long sleeves?? For the unofficial start to summer, it sure was cold out. Seventy and windy is pretty chilly when your used to hundred degree heat by the end of May. What a strange spring it has been this year: one 90 degree day in eastern N.C.? But we made the best of it, although we didn’t really get to spend any time in the water.

Lily has such a time at the lake. There are so many kids for her to play with and so many parks to play at that she is rarely bored. We go back and forth from the park to the arcade to just riding in circles around the campground in the golf cart. She’s happy playing in our front yard and riding her scooter on the little road in front of our trailer, so there was a lot of that, too. Drew spent most of his time in our arms rocking in the chairs on the front porch. The fresh air relaxes him so, and he sleeps the days away in our arms. One of my favorite things is to rock with my sweet little boy. 

It was a laid back holiday weekend, and it was a nice weekend to celebrate our 5th anniversary, too. Now, let’s bring on the hot weather. I’ve been ready for it since December. 

Let’s get this summer started!

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