38 Weeks and 4 Days, to be Exact ;)

Progress. Progress. Today was all about progress.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about the not so exciting stuff.

At today’s appointment, I was still sitting at the same poundage number I have been for the past 3 weeks. No biggie. That means I’ve gained 27 pounds so far which is exactly how things were with Lily. I totaled out at 29 with her, so we’ll see how we fair once things are said and done with Little Brother. I’m carrying him so differently: Lily was always straight out in the front, but he manages to hide back a little and he’s way lower than she ever was. Either way, this is my second giant basketball stomach, and I just hope my body bounces back this time like it did with Lily.

My blood pressure was a little on the high side for me. It was 116/70, and my top number usually stays in the low hundreds. The doc said not to worry about it because it’s still a great blood pressure and the number really didn’t jump all that much. I think I’ll listen to her and let it be, considering I have plenty of other things to worry about right now.

Now for the big stuff. I had an exam today, and much to my surprise, I’m already at a “large” (????) 3 centimeters. I’m pretty much freaked out at this point because I wasn’t expecting much of anything. With Lily, I never made it past 1/2 centimeter on my own, so this is basically the craziest thing I’ve heard in a while. I’m officially freaked out. The doc asked if I’d like to see if she could get things moving, and I said sure, so she swept my membranes while she was at it. She said if it was going to work, it would be in the next 24-48 hours.

I’ve defintly been feeling the results of the sweep. I’m having some major lower back pain, lots of semi-painless contractions, and some mild cramping, too. I kinda feel like crap to tell the truth. We shall see what happens though. Maybe something, maybe nothing at all. All I know is that my body is doing what it is supposed to, and I have a great chance of going into labor on my own versus being induced. That makes me happy.

As prepared as I’ve felt this entire pregnancy, I don’t feel prepared at all anymore. The truth is that it’s scary and the unknown is the worst thing ever- I don’t care who you are. But as long as Tim is right there, I’ve got this. He’s my rock.

Baby watch is on, friends.
  1. somedaymom said: Woohoo! Come on baby!! So excited for you guys :)
  2. rockabillymomma said: Oh my gosh you will have a little one soon!!!!
  3. juneofthemoon said: I was at 3 cm for three weeks before Ezra was born. I was so freaked out every day those three weeks!
  4. kimber-leigh said: Ooh! So excited for you! :)
  5. mrsverges said: Yay!!!!
  6. thedailystrides said: We’re praying for your safe delivery! I’m sure Little Brother’s gonna be a healthy little bundle :)
  7. helms-deep said: Almost there! Whee!!