1. junesther said: How exciting!
  2. forgetful-mama said: Yay! How exciting!
  3. nomadiclife2006 said: Wow!! Thats such a great news! Congratulations u guys…..We’re having our 2nd son around march….
  4. threelittlelovebugs said: Congrats!
  5. raisinglittlehumans said: Oh my goodness mama!!! Congratulations!!!! Such exciting news. I couldn’t be happier for you and your family <3 there is something so special between a mama and a son xoxo
  6. togetbackhomeward said: YAY! Congratulations on a little boy! How exciting :)
  7. babylately said: I KNEW IT!!!! So so so so so so happy for you! a perfect pair! ooooh you are going to love a snuggly little boy! yayyyy!!!
  8. themooresthemerrier said: So excited for you all!!!
  9. thesoftcaressofhappiness said: Oh my goodness! This is just perfect! The picture and the fact that you get to experience a boy this time around. So, so sweet! Congrats you guys! Please share big sis’ reaction with us, as I think you said she was determined it was a girl!
  10. eatdrinkbemommie said: Uh-oh… ;) Congratulations!