Saturday afternoon we took Lily to the store and bought her a little Hello, Kitty pencil box, some thick colored pencils, and her first set of real writing pencils. You’d have thought she won the lottery, and she couldn’t wait to get home and “play school” with me.

In the past, we’ve worked on shapes and counting (and we still are), but Lil’s so bright that we kicked things up a notch this week, and slowly started in on letter and number recognition. We did an A for Alligator project and A for Apple project. She was grinning ear to ear when she saw the end result of her work, and she couldn’t stop giggling because she was so proud of herself. It melts my heart every time.

More than anything else, she likes to write and do the little worksheets I print off from various home school sites. She enjoys tracing the letters and numbers, and I also printed off some word searches, so she could search for the letter A that way. We’re going to spend the next few days talking about letter A and #1, and then we’ll move on. I don’t want to overwhelm her or do to much at once, so we’re going to take it slow.  

I get so much out of sitting down with her and watching her little mind at work, so for as long as she wants to, we’ll sit down for an hour or two a day and learn something new. I am forever thankful that I get to be home with her; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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